About Jewson Partnership Solutions

About Jewson Partnership Solutions and STARK

Jewson Partnership Solutions is here to deliver more for Registered Providers of Social Housing, Repairs & Maintenance Contractors and organisations operating in the public sector.

The STARK Group is one of Europe’s largest retailers and distributors of building materials for professional builders. Headquartered in Denmark, and with major operations in 6 European markets, STARK has over a century of experience getting those in the trade the materials they need to do their work.

Being a part of The STARK Group is an exciting opportunity for Jewson Partnership Solutions. We plan to keep doing what we're doing, and are looking forward to the future with STARK.

Relationships that Deliver

We know each of our customers are different, and we’re determined to treat them that way. Because of this, we want to get to know you and understand your vision and strategy. This way, we align our solutions in a way that will help you. After all, communication is key.

The best people

You deserve the very best and at JPS it’s our people who make the difference. Our dedicated JPS team has unrivalled experience in dealing with the public sector, social landlords, and repairs & maintenance contractors. The people within our brands are also experts in their respective fields. We understand not every business and sector is the same, and we know the public sector is unlike any other. So, you deserve a team who knows this too.

We ensure every colleague who supports your journey completes a comprehensive training program. The training covers everything from how public sector and social housing work, to what is crucial to the sector. Focusing on the knock-on effect on your customers if we don’t deliver on our promises.


We are continually improving and working with customers to reduce waste of both time and resources. We know things don’t always happen overnight; but we’ll work with our in-house STARK IT and stock management experts, throughout the duration of the contract, to offer you everything you need. 

Our Stock Management Systems work to optimise stock levels across the whole STARK network. This ensures products are never far away when you need them. We know all our contracts are different. So, we’ll work with you and our Supply Chain experts to optimise processes to ensure we deliver the most efficient solution for your needs. Our JPS colleagues will always go the extra mile to ensure that your operatives have everything they need to get the job done.


Innovation is a word often thrown around with little evidence to back it up. Not at JPS. Innovation is in our organisational DNA. Technology is powerful, it can transform the way we work. We recently opened the STARK Digital Centre in Newbury where colleagues strive to create the greatest solutions in the market. Innovation should have a purpose; it’s you and your needs that drive us forward.

We recognise the importance of creating the optimal experience. We want to get to know you, and what problems you want us to solve. Your input enables us to work with the wider STARK business to find solutions. Although we are realistic; you don’t always need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ for results. So, where necessary, we find and pull the best innovations, from our relationships with our extended supply network.